BrushHog/Bush Hog Mowing Services 

Bush Hog/Brush Hog Mowing to clear those fields and areas of tall grass, brush and weeds. Reliable, responsive crew to quickly respond to your lawn or field mowing needs. We mow with machines that range in size from 6 feet to 16 feet wide. Our tractors are 4 wheel drive for rugged terrain. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lawn Services provided. Finish Mowers are used to get get that park look. We serve the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas within approximately a 75 mile radius. Our prices average $50 - $65 dollars an acre. For larger jobs of 5 or more acres prices are adjusted. Call Jim (502-558-2255) for free estimate. 
Some of Our Equipment

Our Services Include:

Bush Hog Mowing

Field Mowing

Finish Mowing

Large Lawn Mowing

Commercial Property Maintenance

Agricultural Mowing

Call Jim at 502-558-2255

Backhoe/Loader Available in Propsect Area